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Cece Weeks - Head Coach

Mrs. Weeks has been coaching Forensics since 2001 and doing Forensics since high school where she competed in Duo!  Prior to joining Northern's staff in 2015, she spent 14 years as the head coach of Loy Norrix's team.  Her favorite event is Multiple because it is such a wonderful challenge to put on a play, or musical in a mere 15 minutes. 

Bunny Dailey

I have been part of the PN Forensics program since 1996 when my parents made me join the team, beginning with Debate in the fall.  Debate didn't take, but I did spend 1.5 years as a Storyteller before joining the oddness that is Multiple.  Fun fact: I was in the first PN second multiple to ever make it to the State tournament.  I have a MFA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse, which means oratory is pretty much made for me. I am sometimes a college writing professor.  I also write grants, help produce the plays and musicals here at PN, and own my own floral design studio.  Because of my background in rhetoric and psychology, I am able to help in all events since I have a keen understanding of human motivation.  But - fair warning - I am not so great at blocking.  Also fair warning - my toddler Teddy is always with me at rehearsals.    

Bill Lapham

12 years as Head Coach at Battle Creek Central (Forensics and Debate) 

Directed over 40 plays and musicals

Values critical thinking, analysis and creativity in regards to competitor growth 

Admires a strong work ethic and a willingness to be challenged

Is often referred to as "a cesspool of useless trivia" by those who know him best


Tara Heywood

Hi!  I am Tara Heywood.  I have been coaching forensics for a total of 18 years, both middle level and high school  I also competed in forensics in high school.  My specialty is sales and informative.  I served two years as the State Chairperson for Middle Level Forensics for state of Michigan.  I work as a social studies teacher at North Middle School, where I also run my own program. I am goofy and fun, but love to work hard.  I spend my free time with my dogs, Cora and Sadie, and my fiance, Garrick.  I also am an avid curler, and read as much as I can.  I also have an obsession with all things Bon Jovi and Hamilton.  It has been a few years since I coached at the high school level, and I am looking forward to rejoining the Godzilla Gang, and can't wait for this season!

Lindsey Wangler

Allison Grattan

I graduated with a BA in History and English Secondary Education in 2011 from WMU.  I taught out of state for 5 years before moving to Portage.  This is my second year at PNHS and my first year coaching Forensics.  I can't wait to get started!

Drew Dixon

Brandon Burnett


Your Team Captains


Trinity Posey

I'm super excited to be one of the head captains this year!  This is my 4th year on the team, and I have competed in DI 9/10 and Duo twice.  I have also won two state championships.  Although the pieces I have competed with have been dramatic, the two events I've done are quite different, so I believe it gives me insight into what makes a good comedic pieces and what makes a good drama.  If I had to give one piece of advice to everyone on the team this year, it'd be to just be passionate about what you're doing  When you're passionate, the end result doesn't matter as much.  The season will work itself out just as it's supposed to.  

Ellie Mancina

Your Event Captains



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