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 Five Comedy Shorts

Labor Pains
In this award winning comedy about the dubious honor of being a parent, a couple is caught off guard by the early onset of labor.  They are not quite ready for this challenge and a delightful battle of the sexes ensues.
A Blind Date with Mary
A young man arrives to pick up his blind date only to meet her roomate instead.  Through observation and conversation, his eveing is about to become both informative and intriguing as he patiently waits for the arrival of his date.  Ah, the best laid plans...
The Kissing Scene
An hour before acting class, Ashley and Richard meet to rehearse their scene.  It calls for them to kiss five times, but whenever they get to the first kiss they break character to argue -- about Richard's lateness, about Ashley's attitude, etc.,etc.  Is there more to their relationship than being simply classmates?  They'll have to get through the entire scene to find out -- if they can make it that far.
The Role of Della
An eager young actress has her eye set on the role of Della, but can she convince a cold, sarcastic director that she's right for the part? A riveting and riotous look at the contemporary audition process, that gives new meaning to the term "stealing a scene."

The Three Step Method
A psychiatrist, while mentoring his intern, uses some unorthodox techniques on his female patient that lead to some questionable results.

 This production will take place January 21 at 8:00pm, January 22 at 8:00pm and January 23 at 3:00pm, all at Farmer's Alley Theatre in downtown Kalamazoo.  Tickets sold at the door.  $10 Adults, $8 Students. Click here for directions to the theatre.

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