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Applications are due by May 22nd and can be found here:


The Performing Arts Executive Board will begin at the start of next year and will be made up of a group of student officers who help plan, manage, and execute PNHS Performing Arts events and productions.  Students will apply at the end of each school year to be considered for a position on the board for the following year. New officers will be announced at the end of the current year for the following year. Anyone can apply, but you must be in good academic standing and have participated in one of the following capacities:

  • As a Director for the One-Acts
  • As an actor in a play
  • As a crew member for the play
  • As a performer in the musical
  • As a crew member in the musical
  • As a Student Director for the MS production
  • As a member of the improv team
  • As a member of the Forensics Team


Officer Qualifications

As these positions are leadership roles, candidates will need to be Sophomores and above for the upcoming school year.

Eligible students must submit a completed application and written statement to the advisor by the announced deadline. This statement may include a summary of the student’s theatrical experiences and/or goals for the coming year in the Performing Arts.



Officer Duties

President: The president will provide primary leadership, call all necessary meetings, correspond to the membership through social forums, coordinate the responsibilities of all other officers throughout the year and communicate membership interests and concerns to the advisor. The president will also work with the advisor on the production of  an End of Year Ceremony and coordination of the club events. Seniors only

Vice President: The vice president will assume the responsibilities of the president if that student should not be able to perform those duties. This officer will communicate and coordinate all necessary correspondence with the PNHS yearbook, newspaper, and the principal’s office, and will post all pertinent theatre information regarding scholarships, area theatre seasons, auditions, etc. This officer shall coordinate the maintenance of the main Performing Arts callboard in the music hallway.  Juniors or Seniors

Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for all correspondence involving workshops and related activities including thank-you notes, invites. This officer will also post all announcements, fundraisers, auditions, and rehearsals and other in-school activities to the Drama Club callboard. This position will focus on in-school recruitment and maintenance.  The secretary will also maintain a database with pertinent member information.

Historian: The historian is responsible (with the support of all officers) for keeping a video or photographic record of the year’s activities, culminating with a retrospective video or powerpoint for Awards Ceremony. The historian will research and maintain the PNHS Drama production history, and will assist the advisor(s) in maintaining the Drama website. The historian will also be part of creating the wall installations in the theatre lobby.

Outreach: This position will assist the advisor in seeking out opportunities for fundraising, theatre outings, group bonding, and performing for the community and the district as a whole.  The Outreach coordinator will work to provide opportunities to assist with recruitment from the feeder schools and increase interest and participation for those students upon entering high school.



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